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Company Profile Proflex

Our Services
Technical Skills and Experience
Through the technical skills of our staff, we are able to solve any of your problems related to plumbing rapidly.
We support you with innovative solutions for plumbing for oil, water, pure water, air, gas, chemicals, and any other kind of fluid.
Our specialists are able to take care of all your needs.

Assembled Hose
With our state-of-the art assembly facilities and with more than 1000 different kind of fittings we can produce assembled hose for you.
Just tell us what kind of media, the pressure, as well as the temperature of the operating environment and we know what to do.

On-Site Service
Our 120 service cars with integrated assembly facilities support you on-site all over Japan.

Convenience Store
We operate the first retail store in Japan in our market, offering a huge portfolio of fittings, hose, tools for all your needs.
All items have a price tag, and you buy the needed parts on the spot without lengthy bidding, and ordering.

Through our mail-order system it is equally simple and efficient to purchase all the parts available in our store.
You browse our catalogue, and simply order by phone, fax, or email.

Quality Assurance
The quality and reliability of our assemblies are our top priority. Before introducing a new combination of fitting and hose in our assemblies,
this combination is rigorously tested in our innovative testing center. With the help of impulse-testers, leak testing machine, as well as high-precision measuring equipment ensuring the accuracy of the fittings,
we make sure that the resulting assemblies are safe throughout it’s entire life-time.

A few words from our CEO Katsushi Nakayama
Since our company inaugurated an enterprise, we have supplied industrial tubing systems for the customer's suitable needs, especially a hose, a fitting, a valve, and various control apparatus.
Since it corresponds to the fluid connector field developed increasingly, we cooperate with a hose, a fitting, and a control apparatus of world top class maker's "Parker Hannifin Co".
Furthermore we have opened the first retail shop in Japan called "Parker Store" that stocks a complete hose, fittings and others.
Combining our technical expertise with Parker's leading products we bring you the best parts and services in the world.

Visit our web-site atwww.proflex.co.jp

Company Data

Address of Head Office 1-1, miyamaecho, Kawasaki-ku
Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken
210-0012, Japan
Telephone +81 44 245 8514
Fax +81 44 245 8840
Omiya factory 1172,mikura,Minuma-ku
Saitama-shi, Satama-ken
337-0033, Japan
Telephone +81 48 687 6222
Fax +81 48 687 6223
ParkerStore -kawasaki An address and a contact are the same as the head office.
ParkerStore -shinagawa 1-39-21, higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku
Tokyo-to, 140-0002, Japan
Telephone +81 3 6433 2371
Fax +81 3 6433 2372
Founding date Dec. 6. 1999
CEO Hiroaki Obayashi
Activities Sales and consulting for hose, tubes, fittings, and plumbing
Customer References Hitachi Co.,All Nippon Airways ,Caterpillar Mitsubishi, Toyoda Koki, Tokyo Komatsu Forklifts, Toyota L&F,
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries East Japan, Toshiba Engineering, Lion, Japan Air Motor Service Mitsui Ship Building,
Hitachi Ship Building, Sumitomo Material, Japan Philips, Tokai, Nissan Diesel, Yokoga Denki, Sophia University Tokyo
Main Suppliers Parker Hannifin Co., NS Industries Co., Takeda Co., Q&T Co., Daisen Co., Tokai Rubber Ind. Co., Makii Stainless Co.,
Maesawa Kasei Ind. Co., Aso Co., New Machine Co., Aoi Co., Hakko Co., Three Bond Co., Tsukiji Co., Toyo Valve Co., Fuji Ind., Onda Co.,
Uniflex Gmbh Germany
History Dec 1999   First Proflex store opened in Kawasaki
Aug 2000   Local office opened in Haneda Airport
Feb 2001   Launch of “Proflex Super Trade” Internet Shopping Site
Mar 2001   Launch of “Proflex Super Book” Mail Order System
Oct 2004   The regular agency contract with Parker Hannifin Co.,
Nov 2004   The head office has moved to miyamae-cyo, kawasaki-ku. Joined in the parker store world retail organization
Mar 2006   Haneda seaside store opened near Haneda Airport.